Head Offices

In January 2017 PISR announced the expansion of its USA, Houston Head Office to Piraeus, Greece – now the European Head Office. This expansion of the PISR network and the new office is part of a comprehensive plan to develop the registry. It is a strategic move that gives us the opportunity to increase our range of services and the move is a strong indication of the Registry’s commitment to the Greek and European shipping sectors, as well as providing worldwide support to ship-owners.

Whatever we do comes with the same attention to detail we have become recognized for worldwide.


The Woodlands, TX, 77380,
9595, Six Pines Drive,
Suite 8210, Office 277
T: +1 832 631 6061
F: +1 832 631 6001

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Piraeus, Greece, 18536
5, Sachtouri Street, 6th floor
T: +30 210 4293500
F: +30 210 4293505

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