Maritime Scolarships and Apprentice Leader System (ALS)

Maritime Scolarships

Apprentice Leader System (ALS)

We focus on leadership development; we have created the Apprentice Leader System (ALS) which is a new leadership capability framework. PISR consists from professionals and experts with long vast experience in the maritime sector; however, we continuously develop our workforce to ensure we have the right people to keep us up to date and be beneficial to the Flag and our clients. With the expansion and the changes to our workforce and structure, we continue to invest in our leadership development by rolling out skill, knowledge and capability programs to all employees. PISR’s Apprenticeship Leader System, offers an efficient way to learn skills and the company’s values, because the training is planned and organized and the apprentices earn as they learn. An apprentice works with the mentor who teaches a complete selected skill. We wanted to provide young people with the opportunity to be mentored by maritime professionals. It is a real privilege for this new generation to be guided by the right people. As we all know the practice is the corner stone and with the expansion of the maritime sector following the technological revolution, the apprenticeship system is again revolutionized to apply to the new technology age. Young people are the next generation and our vision is of a world where young people are supported in pursuit of a better future; a world where the next generation can do better than the last.