Deficiency Prevention System (DPS)

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) introduced the registry’s unique Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) in 2017 to ensure a vessel’s compliance with international conventions, rules and regulations. DPS aims to prevent deficiencies on vessels while inspected by PSC authorities, mainly in Paris and Tokyo MOU, while it is part of PISR’s Quality System as certified by its ISO 9001:2015 standards and Anti-Bribery Quality System as certified by its ISO 37001 standards. Our Deficiency Prevention System is part of a continuous improvement system that PISR applies onboard vessels to deal with any deficiencies imposed by the Class, RO and previous PSC inspections throughout the vessels inspection history. DPS is solely designed and developed by PISR and raises awareness of the importance of the prevention of deficiencies and contributes to the safety of life at sea and the prevention of marine pollution.

DPS is fully administrated by PISR with the main objective being to introduce a more preventive and risk-based approach to targeted ships for inspection and to enhance quality status on PISR vessels. With DPS, PISR monitors and screens vessel operations without disturbing ship owners or managers until the moment that the risk indicator for each vessel calling at a Paris or Tokyo MOU port is identified. When required, we then appoint a Flag State Consultant (FSC) to attend the ship and assist the Master and crew for preparedness prior to the inspection by the authorities and to accompany the officers during their inspection. With access to ePISR the ship operator may monitor at any time the status of the vessel’s open and previously imposed deficiencies. DPS can prevent any unwanted deficiencies and provide the management company with a unique adding value service to upgrade the performance of their vessels within Paris and Tokyo MOU.

Ship owners and operators need strong support and PISR offers DPS for free in most cases, or at minimum cost for those vessels registered with us. As a flag of confidence PISR works with ship owners and operators to ensure that PISR registered vessels meet the International regulations and conventions.

FAQ about our Deficiency Prevention System