In order to be on your side and support you at all times when ever and where ever you are for an inspection, PISR provides you assistance, information and training in PSC matters.

With hands on expertise and extensive research and evaluation analysis, we have developed a solid set of supporting services born by the lessons learnt from inspections and detentions.

We support you and keep your vessel in compliance with our PSC services, which include:

  • PSC support set
  • Ad-hoc PSC seminars and training courses on request
  • PSC news and alerts
  • Additional guidance on Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC)

In case you need support upon detention, always keep in mind we are at your side, no matter when and where you vessel has been detained. Contact us in order to schedule surveyor assistance on board and make the process faster and smoother to the best of our ability and minimize the risk of deficiencies.

PISR is in your service to save time and money for you, to defend your interests and the soon as possible to achieve rectification of deficiencies and/or the release of you vessel.

PISR PSC support set

The goals of the PISR Port State Control (PSC) are:

  • to help you understand and anticipate PSC criteria
  • to provide you with the best tool to monitor the performance of your fleet
  • to offer you comprehensive overview of fleet status
  • to enable you to take action when a vessel is in danger of failing to meet these criteria.

There are issues and technicalities that differ in ports and on which Port State Inspectors focus. These fine points come to be vital factor for the smooth inspection and based on practice we see that there are many maritime stakeholders which are not kept full informed. We can guide and properly inform you in order to assist you.