Who is an Eligible Owner/Qualified Person

A qualified person who can register a ship under Palau can be any foreign citizens or foreign corporations and companies established in any foreign jurisdiction under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated, as well as Palauan citizens and corporations.

This type of ship registration allows a qualified person who acts as a bareboat charterer to apply for provisional registration, subject to the registration requirements.   The relevant Qualified Person shall submit the original or certified true copy of the bareboat charter party, together with the application for registration, and shall execute under oath or affirmation an undertaking pursuant to which the relevant vessel will not fly any flag other than the Palauan flag nor show any home port other than the harbour of Malakal, Palau.

Following PISR receiving satisfactory evidence that the foreign state will withdraw from the vessel the right to fly the flag of that state while the vessel is subject to the bareboat charter, then the vessel should be submitted for this registration. If the vessel is subject of a mortgage then PISR will require written consent of the mortgagee.


In order to obtain the updated list of requirements for Bareboat In registration, please contact our Administration Department either by email info@palaureg.com or by phone +302104293500.