Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea (PAL)

Adoption: 13, December 1974

Entry into force: 28 April 1987

The Convention was adopted at a Conference, convened in Athens in 1974 and it was designed to consolidate and harmonize two earlier Brussels conventions dealing with passengers and luggage and adopted in 1961 and 1967 respectively.

Convention introduces a requirement on passenger ship carriers and performing carriers engaged in international voyages, to maintain insurance that complies with the requirements of the Convention, i.e. if they are registered in a state party to the Convention or calling at or leaving the port of a state party. Such carriers will also need to obtain a certificate issued by a party to the Convention confirming that such insurance is in force.

The insurance and certification requirements under the Convention applies both to liabilities arising from war and terrorism risks, in which case a War Passenger Blue Card is required, as well as to maritime and other non-war risks, in which case a Non-War Passenger Blue Card is required.

Non-State Party Ships

Palau International Ship Registry can issue Pal Certificates for vessels registered with Non -State Members of the Convention to certify proof of insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Convention.

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