The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW and SOLAS 74/78) require the issuance of a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.

Minimum crew to be on board should be always in accordance to MARINE NOTICE 184 -MINIMUM MANNING REQUIREMENTS (as amended).

PISR has a flexible approach to manning based on a review of international rules and regulations. Review of the manning application is made, and each vessel is considered individually, focusing on factors like the size, trade, type of vessel and automation. In case the manning conditions change, the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate can be amended easily upon request.

The Minimum Manning Requirements are based on:

  • size and type of ship
  • number, size and type of main propulsion units and auxiliaries
  • construction and equipment of the ships
  • method of maintenance used
  • frequency of port calls, length and nature of voyages to be undertaken
  • trading areas (s), waters and operations in which the ship is involved
  • extent to which training activities are conducted on board
  • applicable work hour limits and rest requirements.

Upon the Registration of the vessel and upon presentation of the Seafarer’s Documentation detailed below, the Palau Flag Administration will issue a Certificate of Processing of Certificate of Endorsement valid for three months. During this period the validation of the Certificate of Competence and the Seaman’s Book issuance will take place and a final Certificate of Endorsement will be issued with same validity as the Certificate of Competence.