This section provides ship-owners, ship-managers operators, charterers, lending institutions and their representatives with information needed to gain qualification of the ownership and the acceptance of the vessel register under the Republic of Palau. Palauan maritime law is consolidated under Admiralty and Maritime Title 7 of the Palau National Code, as amended by Senate Bill No. 8-46, SD6, HD1, PD1 (together, the “Act“).

All vessels in the Palau fleet are subject to a vetting process and compliance with all IMO regulations and PISR takes very seriously our commitment to supporting the USA in its sanctions and the UN and the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR’s) reports of experts currently in force against sanctions.

Who is an Eligible Owner/Qualified Person

A qualified person who can register a ship under Palau can be any foreign citizens or foreign corporations and companies established in any foreign jurisdiction under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated, as well as Palauan citizens and corporations.

Accepted Vessels

For a vessel to be eligible for registration, the vessel should be owned by a Qualified Person and be at least 25 feet (7.62 meters) in length.

Vessels over 20 years old (from completion of first construction) are not eligible for registration unless they are first inspected by a surveyor. At their discretion, the Ship Registry Administrator (PISR) may waive the 20 years age restriction and the minimum length restriction and document or re-document a vessel where:

  • the vessel meets all other applicable requirements for registration; and
  • it has been satisfactorily demonstrated that there is a genuine need for such a waiver.