A vessel’s provisional Certificate of Registry is valid for 6 months. This should
give the Ship Owner or any authorized representative sufficient time to gather
all necessary documents required for Permanent Registration.
Documents required are listed herein, which are subject to amendment if this
is deemed necessary by the Head Office:
– Application to Register a Ship – PISR APPL 001
– Application for Ship Radio Station License – PISR APPL 002
– Availability of vessel’s name
– Proof of Ownership (BoS/Builder’s Certificate/Auction documents
(duly Notarized)
– Articles of Incorporation (for Company Applicant)
– PoA – Power of Attorney + Copy of Passport of Signatory (if not Director)
– Copy of Passport (for Individual Applicant)
– Letter of Confirmation from Recognized Organization
– Letter of Confirmation from Radio Accounting Authority
– (Former) Certificate of Registry
– (Former) International Tonnage Certificate
– Confirmation of Fees
If applicable:
– Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (Bunker CLC)
(All vessels over 1000 GT)
– Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (CLC) (Tankers only)
– Liability for Removal of Wrecks (NWRC) (All vessels over 300 GT)
Note: The Owner of the vessel to which the Provisional Certificate of
Registry has been issued, within 6 months after issuance of Provisional
Certificate of Registry, must furnish satisfactory proof to the Ship Registry
Administrator showing that the vessel’s outstanding foreign marine document
has actually been surrendered or cancelled.