PISR handles the certification of final voyages with vessels destined for scrappage in the same way as normal operating vessels. This is an issue we take very seriously and we take care of the ships at the end of their life and make the process for stakeholders efficient and handled with due regard to environmental and safety standards. Palau International Ship Registry has the knowledge and the expertise to handle vessels destined for final voyage recycling. Our tailored service for ships that are going to be recycled provides a special single voyage registration in ballast condition for a period not exceeding three months with a flat fee for these single voyages registrations.

Palau International Ship Registry maintains the same high standards relating to final voyages as we do with ships during their operational life. There is no relaxing of environmental or safety regulations during these final voyages. PISR understands the importance of protecting the environment and we are embracing the calls for green ship recycling and green issues in shipping. PISR has a duty to ensure it respects and acts appropriately to the concerns and issues affecting single and final voyages. PISR offers a flat fee for these single voyages registrations.

In order to obtain further information and the up to date list of requirements for a single voyage registration for demolition purposes, please contact our Administration Department either by email info@palaureg.com or by phone +302104293500.