The following rank as maritime liens, under Palauan law:

  • Claims for:
    • Wages and other sums due to the master, officers and other members of the vessel’s crew in respect of their employment on the vessel, including costs of repatriation and social security contributions payable on their behalf;
    • Master’s disbursements or liabilities made or incurred on account of the vessel; and
    • unpaid fees, penalties and other charges, such lien having priority over all others save those for crew’s wages and salvage;
  • Claims for repairs, supplies, towage, use of dry dock or marine railway, or other necessaries, to any foreign or domestic vessel upon the order of the shipowner or person authorised by the owner; and

Claims based in tort arising out of physical loss or damage to property caused by the operation of the vessel, other than loss of or damage to cargo, containers or passengers effects carried on the vessel


The Preferred Mortgage lien has priority over all claims against the vessel, except maritime liens:

  • for damages arising out of a tort;
  • for fees under s.729 (Fees: collection, penalties and liens) of the Act;
  • for crew’s wages;
  • for general average;
  • for salvage (including contract salvage); and

for expenses and fees allowed and costs awarded by the relevant Court.