PISR has its safe manning policies and scales which it has set in-line with IMO resolutions.

PISR issues Employment Record Book (Seaman Book) in-line with the guidelines of ILO Convention 185 in regard to seafarer identity document convention.


We support the drive for certification and training of seafarers because the shipping industry depends on competent, well-trained seafarers to ensure safety of life at sea, maritime security, efficiency of navigation and protection and preservation of the marine environment. It’s all about the right people doing the right jobs and with a Certificate of Competency you have peace of mind – and be on the right course.

Seafarers are literally the lifeblood of the shipping world. It is vital you have the right people operating your ships.  We can help by supporting ship owners with our new Seafarers Certificate of Competency service that we are currently rolling out for clients. Our aim is to ensure vessels in the PISR fleet are manned by seafarers with a high degree of competence and the certification to prove it.