• Certification for “Basic Training” STCW Regulation VI/1-2, “proficiency in survival craft, rescue boats and fast rescue boats” Regulation VI/2, “training in advanced fire-fighting” Regulation VI/3, “security-related training and instruction for all seafarers” Regulation VI/6.
  • Proof of Seagoing service: Every candidate must document the required sea service of twelve (12) months as specified in STCW Regulation III/5 and Section A-III/5
  • Age: Candidates for ratings’ certificates shall not be approved for any person who is under 18 years of age. A candidate shall be required to submit satisfactory proof of age by means of a passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or other acceptable proof of birth date.
  • Examination: Candidates must sit for an examination to demonstrate that have achieved the required standards of competence specified in section A-III/5 of the STCW Code.
  • Citizenship: A candidate for an examination may be of any nationality and need not be a citizen or resident of the Republic of Palau
  • Medical Examination: Every candidate for certification shall be required to submit satisfactory evidence of a medical examination completed within the 24 months immediately preceding application. The report of examination shall establish that the candidate is in good physical condition and in possession of all body faculties necessary to fulfill the requirements of the seafaring profession.
    • The report and certificate of medical examination shall be completed on the official Medical Examination Report/Certificate PISR FORM SD 006 or acceptable equivalent. The medical certificate must comply with the requirements of STCW, Regulation I/9 and Section A-I/9 paragraph 7. The report must be signed by both the medical examiner and the examinee. If the report is in the form of an acceptable equivalent it shall comply with the requirements of STCW Regulation I/9 and STCW Section A-I/9 in its content and specifically shall state that the seafarer is fit for duty as a seafarer.
    • Willful concealment by a candidate of any medical history or mental or physical disability that might render the candidate unfit for service shall be cause for the immediate revocation of any certificate which may have already been issued.
  • Photograph: Every candidate for a Certificate shall submit one (1) passport-size photograph of themselves, taken within the twelve (12) months preceding the date of application. The photograph must show a facial front view of the candidate and be 1¾” x 1¾” (45mm x 45mm) in size.

Upgrades to National Certificates

A candidate who is certificated by another Administration with whom the Administration has an undertaking can upgrade to an equal or the next higher capacity of COP by qualifying for such an upgrade and successful completion of an examination for that capacity.