Chief Mate on ships of 3,000 gross tonnage or more

A candidate for a Certificate of Competency as a Chief Mate, while holding an PISR (COC) as Officer in charge of navigational watch (OICNW), or a CoC in equivalent grade issued by another administration with whom this Administration has an undertaking, in order to become entitled to take part in the prescribed examination must provide evidence of:

  • At least one (1) year of service as OICNW; and
  • All the required training for OICNW except for the Leadership and Teamwork training. In lieu of this, Leadership and Managerial training is required and training in:
  • Advanced Meteorology
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Advanced Stability
  • Advanced Ship Handling
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code
  • International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC)

International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR)