Requirements for Issuance of Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book

      • Each Application must include the following in order to be processed:
    • a) Valid Passport
    • b) Valid medical certificate of fitness. This document must be issued by a medical practitioner following the Marine Notice 140 (as amended).
    • c) Completed Application form for IRB (A.011)
    • d) Two (2) colored identical passport size photographs (Electronic copy is accepted in format: .img, .png, .gif)
    • e) Complete and clear copy of the seafarer Security Related Trainings certificate in accordance with STCW Regulation VI/5 or VI/6
    • f) Copies of Safety Training Certificates (Basic Training / Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats / Fire Protection and Firefighting / Personal Survival Techniques/ Advanced Fire Fighting / Radar Observation Plotting / ARPA /Medical Care)
    • g) Copy of Page(s) of Seaman’s Book indicating personal details of Seafarer
    • h) Confirmation of payment.