DPS has been introduced to provide greater details and tools which assist in providing support in order to prevent the deficiencies/detentions.  DPS is raising awareness of detentions and has  made significant contribution to marine safety. The
system is fully handled by PISR without overloading  the owning/managing company to comply with additional  requirements.
The DPS is uniquely designed and developed by PISR and was launched in January 2017. There is a dedicated DPS  department within PISR which monitors the location and destination of the Palau flagged vessels and analyzes with over 93% confidence their risk performance and priority for inspection by a PSCO. The monitoring and screening occurs without disturbing the shipowner or manager until the point that PISR appoints a Flag State Inspector (FSI) to attend the ship and assist the Master and the crew for preparedness prior the PSC attendance; and remain onboard during the PSC inspection.
Apart from the qualitative aspect that DPS focuses on, it also makes it a tremendous service adding value; there is a  significant cost-effective value as the attended FSI carries out the Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) and combined with an ISM and ISPS audits when required.

PISR is growing and attracting new tonnage with the promise of tested and proven value-added services.

FAQ about the DPS