Pursuant to the requirements of Palau Maritime Regulations Chapters 2.13 and 5.16, and Title 7 of the Palau National Code Section 630, each ship sailing under the Palau Flag shall be subject to Annual Safety Inspection (ASI), in order to determine whether it complies with the International Conventions and Regulations that Palau is member of. Annual Safety Inspections (ASIs) shall be
carried out once a year, within a time window of three (3) months prior or after the designated anniversary date of the ship’s registration. Such inspection(s) will be carried out by Flag State Inspectors accredited by the Palau Ship Registry Administrator.

Certain ships may be subject to special/additional as well as more frequent inspections whether
circumstances merit this, in order to attain the aforementioned aims.

Please, refer to Marine Notice 144 (as amended).