Palau Registry has monitored the significant growth in commercial yachting over the past few years. 

Together with the considerable size growth of yachts and owners demands for innovation and new technologies, Palau Registry has developed a commercial code that focusses on:

(a) Tailor-made solutions by a dedicated yachting team

(b) Competitive registration fees

(c) Fiscally located outside the VAT territory of the EU making the Registry useful for non-EU resident owners wanting to operate VAT free in Europe and who are eligible to do so under Temporary Admission (Temporary Importation) relief

(d) Yachting HQ both in the EU (Piraeus) and the USA 

(e) No nationality restrictions for crew giving yacht owners flexibility in whom they employ as crew onboard their vessel

(f) Provisional registration to cover vessel for navigation immediately after purchase

(g) Registered yachts do not have to ever physically visit Palau 

(h) Quick turnaround of applications and first-class service 

(i) Competitive registry fees with no tonnage tax or other annual ship registry fees