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January 1, 2024

Ships constructed or converted to use gas as fuel on or after 1 January

Amendments to the IGF Code (Various – including definitions, probability index fv, loading limit, fuel distribution, internal combustion engines, fuel containment system, type C tanks)

The amendments to parts A and A-1 of the IGF Code amend:

  • The definition of the probability index fv in order to align it with SOLAS;
  • The conditions for allowing fuel tank loading limits higher than calculated based on the tank insulation and the probability of an external fire heating the tank contents up;
  • Requirements for fuel distribution outside of machinery spaces including secondary enclosures for gas fuel pipes;
  • Explosion relief systems and designed accommodation of overpressure for internal combustion engines; and

• Fire protection requirements for the separation of fuel containment systems from other spaces, and for type C fuel storage hold spaces.


January 1, 2024
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