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January 1, 2019

Ship Type: All ships constructed ≥01/01/2019 and existing ships which undergo repairs, alterations, modifications and outfitting.


Assembly Resolution A.1116(30) – Escape route signs and equipment location markings

IMO Assembly 30 adopted resolution A.1116(30) Escape route signs and equipment location markings, which harmonises the

requirements of SOLAS regulations II-2/13, III/9, III/11 and III/20 taking into account the ISO standard 24409 series on ‘Design, location and use of shipboard safety signs, safety-related signs, safety notices and safety markings. The resolution incorporates the ISO graphical symbols without any changes.

Ship designers, shipbuilders, shipowners, ship operators and ship masters should note that when drawing up fire control plans the new resolution should be used in conjunction with resolution A.952(23) Graphical symbols for shipboard fire control plans.


January 1, 2019
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