We have been steadily growing and at Posidonia we  showed people why they need to be talking to us and what the benefits are of being with a registry committed to the future operations that will ensure global trade remains consistent. Growth is always associated with strength and we have that with our latest software and recruitment and it continues. We keep track of any technological developments and regulatory changes from the International regulatory bodies to help remain at the forefront of the industry.  Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading registries and ship owners and operators are recognising PISR has the infrastructure to support them in a Technology era. But before that we are real people. We were at Posidonia to assure the Greek and foreign ship-owners that Palau International Ship Registry stands with them as a reliable solution provider to face the challenges of the today’s demanding shipping market. We provide, consistency, reliability, responsiveness, quick turnaround of queries and around the clock services making Palau International Ship Registry stand out from other registries. For those wanting it straight from the horse’s mouth, Palau Registry was and in this years’ Posidonia and delighted to tell the world why we are both The SMART Registry and the one that as a ship owner you can rely on.