MC 112.2 – Information About Cleansing Agents And Their Impact Upon Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment For Machinery Space Bilges

MC 113.2 – Guidelines For The Design Of Systems To Handle Oily Wastes In Machinery Spaces Of Ships, Incorporating Guidance Notes For An Integrated Bilge Water Treatment System (IBTS)

MC 116.1 – Guidance on the Application of Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI Tier III Requirements to Dual Fuel and Gas-Fueled Engines

MC 145.3 – Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection And Reporting

MC 176.1 – Interpretations Regarding Implementation Of International Statutory Requirements Which Contain References “To The Satisfaction Of The Administration” And “To Be Specified By The Administration

MC 179.3 – Ship Implementation Plan For The Consistent Implementation Of The 0.50% Sulphur Limit Under MARPOL Annex VI

MC 195.1 – Exemption Of Unmanned Non-Self-Propelled (UNSP) Barges From Survey And Certification Requirements As Per Amendments To MARPOL ANNEXES I, IV AND V

MC 196.1 – MARPOL Designated Sampling Points