MN 119.1 – Implementation Of IMO Unique Company Registered Owner And Ship Identification Number Scheme

MN 126.1 – Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

MN 171.1 – Inmarsat Services Under The Point Of Service Activation Concept

MN 172.1 – Required documents and publications for Ship Radio Stations

MN 174.2 – Radio Services Accounting Authority Approval

MN 175.1 – User Protocol, Activation, De-Activation and Disposal of Satellite EPIRBs

MN 176.1 – Approved Global Positioning Satellite System (GPSS) Equipment

MN 182.1 – Measures Τo Improve Compliance Ιn United States Ports

MN 190.1 – Simulated Launching Procedures For Free-Fall Lifeboats

MN 238.2 – Civil Liability (CLC) 1992 For Oil Pollution Damage

MN 246.1 – Point Of Service Activation (PSA) Approval