MN 110.1 – International Maritime Dangerous Good Code IMDG Code And Medical Oxygen Carriage Requirements

MN 111.1 – Carriage Of Grain

MN 113.2 – Life Saving Appliances And Equipment

MN 114.1 – Fire Control Plans Escape Route Signs And Life Saving Symbols

MN 115.1 – Underwater Survey In Lieu Of Dry Docking

MN 117.1 – Fire Extinguishing Requirements For Paint And Flammable Liquid Lockers

MN 118.1 – System Using Halogenated Hydrocarbon Halons And Other Ozone Depleting Substances

MN 122.1 – Plans For Cooperation Between Search And Rescue Services And Passenger Vessels

MN 124.2 – Automatic Identification System (AIS)

MN 128.1 – Carriage Of Solid Bulk Cargoes

MN 129.3 – Long Range Identification System Compliance (LRIT)

MN 130.2 – Application for Exemptions, Dispensations, Extensions and Equivalent Certificates

MN 133.6 – Authorized Recognized Organizations And Recognized Security Organizations

MN 134.1 – Magnetic Compass

MN 136.1 – Code Of Safety For Special Purpose Ships

MN 137.1 – Safety Requirements For Offshore Supply Vessels

MN 140.1 – Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MN 142.1 – Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems (BNWAS)

MN 143.1 – Procedures For Sea Trials And Demonstrating Compliance With The International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea, Regulation II-1/28 And II-1/29

MN 147.1 – Plans And Procedures To Recover Persons From The Water

MN 152.1 – International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code)

MN 171.1 – Inmarsat Services Under The Point Of Service Activation Concept

MN 172.1 – Required documents and publications for Ship Radio Stations

MN 174.3 – Radio Services Accounting Authority Approval

MN 175.1 – User Protocol, Activation, De-Activation and Disposal of Satellite EPIRBs

MN 176.1 – Approved Global Positioning Satellite System (GPSS) Equipment

MN 182.1 – Measures Τo Improve Compliance Ιn United States Ports

MN 187.1 – Safety Precautions For Entering Enclosed Spaces

MN 188.1 – Requirements For Hot Work

MN 189.1 – Pilot Transfer Arrangements

MN 190.1 – Simulated Launching Procedures For Free-Fall Lifeboats

MN 191.1 – Electronic Logbook Systems

MN 192.1 – Nautical Charts and Publications Carriage and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Requirements

MN 195.1 – Means of Ship Embarkation and Disembarkation

MN 216.1 – High Speed Craft Dynamically Supported Craft Training

MN 218.2 – Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

MN 220.2 – Maintenance And Inspection Of Fire Protection Systems And Appliances

MN 228.1 – International Ship And Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

MN 237.1 – Harmonized System For Surveys And Certification

MN 242.3 – Authorized Service Providers For Maintenance, Thorough Examination, Operational Testing, Overhaul And Repair Of Lifeboats And Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances And Release Gear

MN 246.2 – Point Of Service Activation (PSA) Approval


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