About PISR

About PISR


Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) is one of the fastest growing registries in the world. By investing in advanced technology, highly experienced staff and building on a foundation of a fully electronic registry, PISR continues to provide the highest standards of administrative, legal, technical and support functions to ship-owners and managers. Having a set of unique SMART.Registry® tools and a dedicated Deficiency Prevention System – SMART.DPS® with greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for ship owners, PISR is redefining the Ship Registration service and proves that the world’s oceans are big enough for a smart superior Flag of confidence that ship owners can trust and believe in.

Our goal is clear and we are aiming to be one of the leading ship registries in the global shipping industry. To do this we had to answer the question – “Why would a ship owner register his vessel under the Palau flag rather than with one of our competitors?”

The answer to this very simple but crucial question is because at PISR we deliver real business benefits through operational and cost effectiveness for ship owners. Plus at PISR we guarantee what we promise! We are the SMART.Registry® and we deliver our services faster, more efficient and for the best possible value for money. As times change and technology develops, our clients are looking for traditional registry support, blended with new technologies, which is why we have made significant investment in our Information Technology systems and we have developed a unique SMART.Registry® solution that is fully integrated with SAP Business One ERP system and SalesForce CRM system. In addition, our interactive website is being constantly updated and is fully dynamic, informative and responsive to our client’s needs.

How does the shipowner really benefit from our smartness? This allows greater operational, efficient and cost-effective flexibility for ship owners for the processing of all applications and workflows and is accessible by different levels of industry stakeholders. Through our SMART.Registry® we offer every ship owner regardless of their ship size a range of services through our online service applications and full Electronic Certification allowing us to provide smooth, faster, efficient and cost effective services.

Our fees and pricing are transparent and cost effective. We have an online fee calculator, which instantly shows how competitive we are and that there are no hidden fees, along allowing for easy online payment. We don’t just delivery the traditional services within our fee, we are adding real value and making sure our customers get more for their money, though our value added services: SMART.DPS®, ePISR® with zero administrative burden, our guaranteed same day responses and all of these are underpinned by our online support chat facility and ensuring our customers have one single point of contact.

By recognizing one of the major issues that owners have – in not being able to easily prevent detentions and have them inflicted on them – we designed our unique SMART.DPS® Deficiency Prevention System to solve this problem and we have seen a tremendous and remarkable drop in detention rates across the fleets that are using it. We are continuously investing in our SMART.DPS® and can reveal exclusively here our Tokyo MOU version will be available in the first half of 2020.

Our investment in technology hasn’t overridden our commitment to ship owner and we fully recognize and respond to the needs and thoughts of ship owners, who tell us what is important to them, including the need for speed in decision making, especially when it impacts on the operational and technical management of their ships. This is why we have built our registry around four pillars: responsiveness, instant and transparent decision making, localization and effectiveness.

To be as responsive as possible we have established a global presence with offices in the USA, Greece and Cyprus with a new office in Europe to follow. Instant and transparent decisions making, these offices are empowered to make decisions themselves and work with our Global Workflow Management System; this assures we are able to give same day responses for all inquiries.

We have spent time building our network of 48 Deputy Registrars (DRs) in 29 countries and 75 Flag State Inspectors (FSIs) in 43 countries. Through choosing the right people we have an experienced team to be able to help our customers with whatever they need, where they need it and most importantly, locally.

The growth we envisage for the PISR fleet in the coming years will be based on providing support for not just the larger ships and fleets that come to us, but also on the demand and need for registry services by small/medium size ship owners. Currently, the Palau fleet comprises 400 ships ranging from oil and chemical tankers, container ships, offshore vessels, passenger ships and bulk general cargo vessels through to yachts and tugs. All of these vessels receive the same high standard of service from our digital systems and dedicated personnel and this reflects the growing interest in Palau International Ship Registry and the services we offer.

We have a global presence and the strong relationship that the Republic of Palau has with the United States under the Compact of Free Association (COFA) has strengthened the economic standing of the Republic and this has been one of the pillars of our growth over the past few years. PISR is now one of the strongest and politically supported ship registries in the world and that is a further benefit for those ships flying the Palau flag.

Today we are in the frontline talking to ship owners who want more than just a registration and flag to sail under: they are looking for a registry that offers a comprehensive, cost effective service regardless of location, age and ship size. This is where PISR can excel, by offering state of the art digital services to every single ship owner who is registered under the Palau flag.

Our relationships with regulatory bodies and industry organizations are important as they enable us to understand current and future trends, legislation. That is why we are active participants at the IMO through our permanent representative. PISR has active memberships in BIMCO, The Propeller Club of the United States, HELMEPA, Chios Marine Club and WIMA, constantly providing its support to Greek and International maritime organizations and associations.

PISR strives for the highest of quality standards and has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA) to the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and approved by BQC to the standards of ISO Anti-Bribery 37001:2016. Transparency is the key to operational success and PISR can offer these benefits to every ship owner in the fleet, regardless of size.

PISR is tomorrow’s leader, today and globally known as a SMART.Registry® with customer-centric focus offering real value-added services and differentiated, innovative and reliable solutions for ship-owners and managers.