The Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology aims to contribute to the advancement of maritime technology in Greece by functioning as a collaborative platform for scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and the regulators of the field.

The Annual Meeting of Marine Technology is a conference with associated events, organized every year by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (H.I.M.T.).

In days of unprecedented crisis in Greece, maritime technologists and entrepreneurs have the potential to realise substantial contributions to the international shipping business through research, development, innovation and collaboration.  H.I.M.T.’s Annual Meeting provides the podium for the presentation and unbiased discussion of new ideas and initiatives, fostering economic development in the country through the stimulation of activities in the marine/maritime technology sector.

The H.I.M.T. Annual Meeting is traditionally structured to include the following functions:

  • A Technology Conference including also a Round Table Discussion,
  • A Technology Exhibition,
  • H.I.M.T.’s Annual Dinner and the H.I.M.T. Annual Prize award.