PISR is committed to the ideology of: No Harm to People, No Accidents and No Damage to the Environment – that is how we continuously strive to undertake our business activities and follow our mission.

Our core objective is safeguarding life and property at sea and the marine environment.

Palau International Ship Registry PISR is the newest Flag to come into existence in more than 50 years of closed competition in the sector with a strategic plan to play a key role among those that today stay at the top of the rank. Our goal is clear, to be one of the leading ship registries in the global shipping industry.

We provide smooth, faster, efficient and cost effective 21st century registration services, with full administrative support and tailored customer service.

PISR is globally known as a SMART registry with customer centric focus offering differentiated, innovative and reliable solutions for shipowners and managers. PISR is tomorrow’s leader, today with a set of unique SMART tools which allow greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for the shipowners. PISR has a unique custom web SMART solution for processing all applications and workflows, accessible by different levels of industry stakeholders. With PISR the shipowner and manager has the power on their desktop to process all their ship, yacht and seafarer inquiries to PISR and retrieve key performance indicators of their fleet.

PISR has been steadily growing and growth is always associated with strength and we have that with our latest software and recruitment and it continues. PISR keeps track of any technological developments and regulatory changes from the International regulatory bodies to help remain at the forefront of the industry. PISR’s goal is to become one of the world’s leading registries and ship owners and operators are recognising PISR has the infrastructure to support them in a Technology era. But before that in PISR, we are real people and we assure ship owners that Palau International Ship Registry stands with them as a reliable solution provider to face the challenges of the today’s demanding shipping market. We provide, consistency, reliability, responsiveness, quick turnaround of queries and around the clock services making

Palau International Ship Registry stand out from other registries. For those wanting it straight from the horse’s mouth, we will be delighted to tell the world why we are both The SMART Registry and the one that as a ship owner you can rely on.