BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with around 1,900 members in more than 120 countries. Its global membership includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents.

BIMCO’s four core service areas provide value and trusted support to its members: 

  • Products: BIMCO’s world leading standard contracts and clauses for the shipping industry.
  • Regulation: BIMCO takes an active role on behalf of shipowners during discussions and decisions with global and regional regulators.
  • Information and advice: BIMCO shares expert knowledge with members, giving practical advice to safeguard and add value to their businesses. 
  • Training activities: face-to-face courses, webinars and tailor-made courses for companies.

Palau International Ship Registry is a BIMCO member since January 2019 and keeps an eye on the forefront of global developments in shipping by using the expert knowledge and practical advices of BIMCO.