Piraeus Propeller Club

International Propeller Club of the United States was founded in New York in 1922, has now 8.000 members in 52 cities and 4 Student Clubs globally. Propeller Club (Port of Piraeus), founded in 1935, is a non-profit charity Association, collectively controlled in Greece by sixteen (16) Greek volunteer Governors, elected every two years. Our net income is fully distributed in charities with fairness and transparency. Our Club closely cooperates with the Union of Greek Shipowners, the International Chamber of Shipping, the Hellenic Short-sea Shipowners Association, the Hellenic American Chamber e.t.c. to promote Maritime Relations, Commerce, Goodwill and Cultural relations between citizens of Greece, the U.S. and all other countries represented by their members’.


The idea was conceived in New York, in 1922, by a group of professionals engaged in the merchant marine industry who gathered frequently at luncheons to discuss mutual issues and the future of shipping.
These meetings gradually developed into the Propeller Club of the United States, which aims to the promotion and furtherance of the American merchant marine and international shipping in general, as a symbol of mankind’s efforts to ring for a better world through commerce and industry.


“Propeller” in the name refers to the propulsion of ships, and is symbolic of the driving force required to achieve the Club’s objectives.
Today there is a Propeller Club in almost every sea and inland port in the United States, as well as in 33 cities throughout the world.
The Propeller Club’s world headquarters is located in Fairfax, Virginia.