ISO 37001:2016 | Anti-Bribery

Our Company’s long-standing commitment to doing business with integrity means avoiding corruption in any form, including bribery, and complying with the applicable anti-corruption laws. Our Anti-Bribery Policy educates employees and associates and monitors conformity with these standards.

PISR has been approved by BQC to the standards of ISO 37001:2016.

In accordance with our Palau International Ship Registry Anti-Bribery Policy and the International Standard ISO 37001: 2016, any employee who is aware of any illegal and controversial activities shall report the case via email at or to report directly to the relevant Public Authority. In addition, any party who is aware of any illegal and doubtful activities that potentially involve Palau International Ship Registry and its employees are invited to contact the Organization via or to report to the relevant Public Authority. For transparency purposes, this email will be directed to a dedicated Anti-Bribery Officer without engaging PISR management and/or personnel.