PISR has a hierarchical organizational structure with a chain of management.

The Organization has a Board of Directors and CEO along with an Advisory Committee.

Through the Management Representative, the Main Operations are spitted into six operating groups – Maritime Registrar Division, Human Elemen, Operations Division, Sales and Marketing Division, Business Intelligence and IT Division, and Technical Division. These businesses work closely together and are committed to their duties to PISR.

  • The Maritime Registrar Division comprises Merchnat Ship Registrar Department and Yacht Registrar Department
  • The Human Element Division refers to the Seafarer Department and the Seafarer Training Department
  • Operations Division – Accounting and Administration Department and Human Resourses Department
  • Sales and Marketing Division – there are three departments – Business Development Department, Customer Relation Department (CRM) and Marketing Department
  • Business Intelligence and IT Division
  • Technical Division comprises Regulatory and Compliance Department, Inspection and Investigation Department, RO & Services Suppliers Department and Yacht Technical Department.

Great emphasis is placed on the Marketing and Customer Service Department, where there are Sales Agents engaged for the excellence of the Customer Relationship Management.

Technical and Managerial Staff of PISR

On people development, PISR  remains highly committed to improve quality of its employees. We believe that even in the most modern ship, the most sophisticated tool is still the human being. Our People is the key to drive growth by creating a performance-oriented culture within the Registry.

PISR to have employees who are dedicated and proud, and can recommend PISR as a workplace which is inclusive and sound, modern, healthy and safe.

Our people matter to us!