Why Register with PISR

The essence of PISR identity

We believe in services that benefit our clients. Our beliefs and philosophy demonstrate a unique mix of experience, maritime spirit and fresh energy. As the world’s fastest growing registry we are dependent on the skills, knowledge, competencies and experience of our workforce in delivering professional SMART services and quality to the market. Our investment in people is a fundamental factor in achieving our objectives.

Whiter Than White Choice

Smoother, faster, efficient and cost effective 21st Century SMART online ship registration services though unique web based application and interactive website
Unique dedicated department for the Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) for monitoring, screening and support the Registry’s fleet by assisting the Master and the crew prior and during a PSC Inspection
All-inclusive and advantageous Tonnage Tax system with impressive adding-value services and discount policies
No ownership, crewing and vessel construction restrictions
Mortgage legislation recognized and acceptable to banks and private investors from many jurisdictions, for the most favorable financing
Issuance of COC, Seaman Book and acceptance of STCW White List COCs for issuance of COE
Two fully authorized headquarters in Texas-USA and Piraeus-Greece for real 24 hours service, and assurance for same day delivery
Permanent and active delegations in international organizations such as IMO
Highly experienced skilled and multilingual shipping workforce (English, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Italian)
Sovereign network of 60 Deputy Registrars in 35 major maritime hubs worldwide and a network of more than 150 flag state inspectors in 65 countries to serve the Registry’s fleet ad-hoc and without delays
Wide range of bilateral agreements and authorization to IACS and other recognized organizations
Customer Advocacy Program (CAP) for recognizing and appreciating customer loyalty to PISR
ISO 9001-2015, ISO 37001:2016 and GDPR compliance
Due diligence and compliance with UN and US trade sanctions
Committed to the highest standards of quality, safety, environmental protection and crew welfare
Simplified customer-centric registration processes in accordance with international standards
Bareboat registration in and out

Our values represent our commitment to the maritime world, to our clients and to the world of shipping. We are constantly evolving and refining our services but our core commitments remain solid and uncompromised: quality and service for all. The four pillars of PISR are: Prosperity, Integrity, Safety, Reliability.

PISR as Flag Administrator offers 21st century reliable services on competitive prices by meeting its customers needs and wants. To achieve this PISR have designed services which offer unique adding value benefits. So, if someone still wonders why to choose PISR we would say because:

  • PISR services have been designed in a way to add value to the shipowner/managers. 
  • Our fees are transparent and competitive without hidden expenses and a straight forward invoicing process.
  • Rewarding loyal customers by offering additional free of charge services and generous credit and payment terms.
  • Use of unique software platform (ePISR)  where the shipowners/managers may apply for jobs instantly online and obtain eCertificates without administrative delays; instant information on the job progress and control of vessel’s account through required KPIs; and prevention of ship deficiencies with impressive saving in cost and ship delays (DPS).