BIMCO grows its membership and share of world cargo fleet

“BIMCO had another successful year in 2019 with our members’ share of the global fleet increasing by one percentage point to 59%. We have achieved consistent year on year growth over the last five years from 54% in 2014,” says BIMCO Secretary General, Angus Frew.

The BIMCO membership fleet today is 1,174 million Dead Weight Tonne (DWT) and the world cargo fleet is DWT 1,989 million (Clarksons World Fleet 1 March 2020).

BIMCO’s membership fleet currently covers 59.5% of the dry bulk fleet (59.2% in 2019), 51.4% of the tanker fleet (49.1% in 2019), 83.4% of the container fleet (83.1% in 2019) and 34.4% of the rest of the cargo fleet (33.0% in 2019).

The numbers show growth in all segments, particularly in the tanker segment, which has been – and continues to be – a focus area for BIMCO. BIMCO’s membership today includes 4,708 tankers representing DWT 374 million (2019 was 4,347 tankers representing DWT 339 million).