The ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world’s more than 1.2 million seafarers.  The Convention aims to achieve both decent work for seafarers and secure economic interests in fair competition for quality shipowners. As an estimated 90% of world trade is carried on ships seafarers are essential to international trade and the international economic and trade system.  The new labour standard consolidates and updates more than 68 international labour standards related to the Maritime sector adopted over the last 80 years.

帕劳共和国于 2012 年 5 月批准了该公约,进一步兑现了对确保悬挂帕劳国旗帜船舶海员之权利并对其提供保护的承诺。

帕劳国际船舶登记处发布了《第 138.1 号海事处公告》,通报了《2006 年海事劳工公约》规定的执行程序和证书。

帕劳国际船舶登记处还邀请船东和管理人员审查 DMLC 第一部分内容。





The Recognized Organizations that have been authorized to carry out statutory survey, audit and certification for Palau registered vessels and audit/certification of Companies operating Palau registered vessels are available in Marine Notice