The following requirements are needed for the Commercial Yacht registration process:

  1. Acceptance of Quotation OR Purchase Order; Evidence of confirmation of fees as per Section 712 (5) of the Title 7
  2. Application for Registration (Appl. A001)
  3. Application for Ship Radio Station License (Appl. A.002) – Basic Details (if the Commercial yacht has Radio Equipment)
  4. Current Certificate of Registry if the yacht is registered under another flag
  5. Power of Attorney or Article of Incorporation as evidence of Authority for the person signing the application form or Copy of Passport (for application by individuals)
  6. Proof of Ownership in accordance to Section 712 (1) of Title 7; such as Bill of Sale, Builder Certificate, Court Documents duly notarized or authenticated by a Notary, PISR Deputy Registrar or Palau Diplomatic Mission
  7. Copy of Passport of the application signatory
  8. The Administration may issue a Commercial Yacht Document of Compliance for yachts of less or more than 24 m in respect of yacht for which it has received an inspection report for commercial yacht. In absence of the inspection report for yachts less than 24 m, an insurance inspection report may be accepted.
  9. All yachts of 24 meters and over should comply with the International Convention on Tonnage Measurements of ships, 1969. The tonnage of yachts of less than 24 meters should be measured using the simplified method in Palau Commercial Yacht Safety Code. Relevant documentation shall be submitted.

Upon the receipt of all requirements, our yacht registration team will review the documentation and start the process of the registration and schedule the inspection with the closest yacht inspector in your area.

The registration certificates will be issued for the period of 5 years.

Upon receipt of the above documentation/requirements and satisfactory review, our dedicated experts will complete the Commercial Yacht registration within 24 hours.