New insight into Palau

The fastest growing ship registry in the world now has the latest website to keep ship owners, managers and operators updated with the services available from Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).

Following a strong year in which PISR saw its fleet increase with vessels from around the globe flying the Palau flag, CEO Panos Kirnidis, launched the newly designed with a strong message for ship owners.

“The flag you register your ship to sail under is more than just something that flutters in the wind at the stern of a ship. It should be about service, commitment to excellence and technology that keep your vessels operating safely and within the global maritime laws. Upgrading our website is part of the process of communication and clarity that we believe is vital to ensure the industry is seen as credible. Ship owners want to feel they have the right information to hand, that they can talk to real people about their vessels and get the answers and support to keep them at sea. Our website reflects the care and attention we put into our operations and we hope prospective clients will appreciate that.”

Palau International Ship Registry has its European head office in Piraeus in Greece and was recognised by Fairplay magazine in October 2017 as the world’s fastest growing ship registry. Ends