Palau International Ship Registry opens to the world

As the shipping world changes, so does the way we work with ship owners, managers and operators. Our new website has been designed to be cleaner, easier to read and offer concise information for everyone flying the flag of the Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).

Not only do we have new services but we have also improved many of our reliable and tested registry services that led us to be designated as the world’s fastest growing ship registry in 2017. We have built on that with our website:  Here we have information covering every aspect of ship registry operations along with useful information to support our fleet vessels in their daily operations.

PISR has been leading the way in embracing digital operations and this gives our fleet a faster and more comprehensive delivery service with instant access to much of the information ship owners need.

Our website has the latest information and services including:

  • Vessel registration services
  • Mortgage recordations
  • Commercial yacht services
  • Inspections & audits
  • Marine investigations
  • Deficiency Prevention System
  • Seafarer Certificate of Competency

Our online library is available through the website offering a host of application forms, information sheets, declaration forms, reports and checklist covering every aspect of ship management and ownership. Dedicated PISR staff members are on hand at our Piraeus office to handle any questions and discuss issues with ship owners, managers and operators. We also have Deputy Registrars and Marine Surveyors based across the globe as part of our comprehensive network.