Palau leads the way in getting rid of paper

Paper certification is now a thing of the past for Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) with the introduction of electronic certificates for all PISR registered ships as from April 15 2019. As one of the world’s leading SMART ship registries, PISR is working towards the total implementation of electronic certificates following clarification by the IMO in the use of e-certificates.

This drive towards smarter digital applications and certification has been driven by the need to reduce the burdens on maritime administrators, Port State Control officials, the captains and crews of vessels and other interested parties in the maritime sector following long consultation with regulatory bodies and the IMO.

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR, has been a strong advocate of the move away from paper certificates and towards digital operations and he has welcomed this initiative.

“Palau registry has been growing at a very strong rate over the past few years and more of our new registrations have been asking us to help them reduce their reliance on paperwork. This has been a mission for us because we understand the benefits of electronic certification in the shipping world. Our new e-certificates will carry a unique identification and authorisation number along with the PISR emblem and they will automatically be uploaded onto the IMO GISIS website. The e- certificates will also contain a Quick Response (QR) Code to facilitate the verification process which can be done online either by using the QR Code found in each electronic certificate or by visiting our website ( and entering the unique tracking number at the online verification system. This process and all verification information are digitally protected from alteration or tampering.”

“We see this as a great step forward not only for PISR but also for the shipping world. The days of paper certificates and paper charts are naturally giving way to digital alternatives. The shipping industry has often been slow in embracing new technology but it is to everyone’s benefit that we make these changes. This should not be a long process but during the transition period any original paper certificates previously issued by PISR will remain valid and are able to be carried on board till such time as the electronic certificates are available. We have also created a fail-safe option in the event of a system downtime that will allow us to authorise the issue of paper certificates to avoid any service time delays and these will also be able to be verified through the online process. What is also very important is that ship owners need to maintain their due diligence when it comes to the entry and clearance requirements of individual ports. This is a new age and Palau is determined to be at the forefront of introducing new technology as ePISR – a registry that offers high levels of support at every stage of the registration and operational process.”

For further information on PISR registration and e-certificates can be obtained from the registry’s Piraeus (Greece) office from Panagiotis Kamitsis. ( Tel: +302104293500. Email: or