Palau registers an interest in Posidonia

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) will be attending Posidonia 2018 in Greece as part of a major marketing campaign to demonstrate the registry’s credentials as one of the fastest growing flags in the shipping world.

This year’s event takes place in Athens on 4-8 June and Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR believes it is the perfect platform to help drive his registry forward.

“Greece and the shipping world are one and the same and have been for centuries. It is undeniable that Greek ship owners continue to be the most dynamic force in the maritime industry and they form a significant part of the world’s shipping fleet. Whatever happens in the Greek shipping world causes waves in the whole industry and I am delighted Palau will be flying the flag at the expo. In 2017 we were described as the fastest growing flag in the world and this year we are on a drive to increase the size of our fleet.

“I said last year that the industry needs to embrace more technology and that smart shipping was the future. We have shown in the last two years that Palau is new, innovative and has the people, the technology and the knowledge to provide ship owners and managers with a cost-effective and deliverable service. This message is getting through to even more but we also need to show our face at the industry’s leading events and Posidonia is perfect for Palau International Ship Registry as our European head office is in Piraeus!”

PISR will be giving a live demonstration of its Deficiency Preventions System (DPS) at Posidonia showing how through a dedicated department monitoring all Palau ships, they can reduce deficiency and casualty rates, part of the registry’s drive towards being the smart ship registry of the future. This will be a unique opportunity to see PISR in action using its own unique technology for safer shipping.

One of the highlights from PISR will be demonstrations of the SMART software the registry has developed which can be tailored to individual client needs. This is a unique tool that is custom-made and which offers a customer centric philosophy and a client friendly policy to provide innovative solutions to operational issues.  PISR has developed SMART technology in-house to build the   foundations of a fully electronic registry.

In 2018 PISR will be increasing its operations and making significant internal appointments to handle the growing number of ship owners looking to register with Palau International Ship Registry.