Palau welcomes UAE ruling

Foreign flagged ships carrying crude oil and products visiting USE ports and territorial waters have new regulations to conform to if they want to carry out loading and discharging operations in the region, a move welcomed recently by Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR, believes the latest resolution on these cargo products in the UAE region will raise the standards even higher for international shipping.

“The UAE has stipulated that ships carrying out these tasks in their waters need to be less than 25 years old from the date of delivery or be registered with a classification society member or part of the Emirates Classification Society. Ships will also need to be double-hulled and constructed or adapted primarily to carry crude oil and products in bulk. This is a real step forward in ensuring that vessels are in the right condition and of the right type to be working in UAE waters. There have been many instances of environmental issues and unseaworthy ships working in environments that can be badly affected by poor operations. This is one of the areas PISR has been working closely with owners and operators on: the shipping world is coming to accept that both the care of the environment and smart shipping are the way forward. Along with other flags we are delighted to see that the industry has woken up to these issues and PISR will be at the forefront of environmental concerns and as the SMART Registry, we will also be using technology to ensure our fleet complies with these regulations across the globe.”