Palau – new deputy registrars will support our IT drive

The world’s fastest growing flag in 2017 is determined to retain the human touch with a continuing recruitment drive for new deputy registrars worldwide.

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) is known as the SMART registry but is determined to ally its growing technological services with the best human elements in a year dominated by new IT solutions and ambitions.

The registry appointed four registrars based in the UK and Greece at the start of the year and CEO of PISR, Panos Kirnidis, is now looking to grow their deputy registrars in the last quarter of 2018.

“We began our recruitment campaign to attract the brightest, best and most respected Deputy Registrars in the shipping world during 2017 and recently we have been very successful in finding knowledgeable people in Greece and the UK who have strong connections and experience in shipping. Our fleet continues to grow and we are moving into new areas with our recent yacht services attracting a great deal of interest. At PISR we recognise that the world of the deputy registrar is changing as ship owners and managers want to be ahead of the game and need new technology-driven systems to keep their vessels operating at peak levels.”

In 2017 the registry welcomed two new deputy registrars from the UK. Panos Kirnidis believes there is scope for greater growth in their services and this will come by looking to those based in the world’s leading maritime sectors.

“London remains the world’s foremost centre for maritime business services but we have a fleet that is ranged across the world and our ambition is to attract the best in the business. We need the right sort of people, deputy registrars who understand the industry and we can work with to put PISR on the global map and in the right places. To be a true global player requires a network of smart people. I have been talking to such people since the start of the year and we are looking forward to welcoming even more deputy registrars from across the globe. As a registry that is built on technology and smart people, we must continue the drive to marry the two together and offer ship owners an unrivalled service.