PISR backs greater support for SMART shipping

One of the world’s fastest growing ship registries is calling for greater co-operation with regulators and a stronger support for SMART shipping operations.

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) believes many of the new regulations concerning low-sulphur fuel from 2020 and other environmental issues are causing concerns for many ship owners and operators. Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR, wants a new era of collaboration and co-operation from regulators and ship owners.

“My talks with ship owners from every part of the world illustrate the value that they place on the interactions with our registry and the efficient service delivery to support their captains and crew members. They are under considerable pressures to get their vessels from port to port and they need a reliable partner to help them in their everyday operations. Solving real problems can be achieved through a blend of the latest SMART technology and employing smart people. For ship owners this is the real benefit of embracing technology. It is also a smart way for regulators to work more closely with ship owners for everyone’s benefit. ”

PISR has developed a unique Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) which is a dedicated service providing support to ensure vessel’s compliance with required international conventions and prevent deficiencies and detentions causing them serious implications with Port State Control (PSC). From a dedicated department within PISR previous inspections findings are monitored along with the location and destination of the Palau flagged vessels with over 93% confidence their risk performance and priority for inspection by a PSCO.

Panos Kirnidis believes this is the smartest way to deal with PSC attendance and to assure a vessel’s compliance with required regulations.

“Our DPS enables us to act as consultants to shipowners with the authority to exempt or allow vessels that comply within the allowance of the regulations to continue operations. In every case we are involved in we use DPS and our in-house technologies to ensure shipowners comply with IMO regulations. As one of the world’s leading ship registries we are fully committed to working with the regulators and assisting our fleet in compliance at every level. These inspections naturally place the captain, the crew and the owners under great pressures. This is where having the right people with knowledge and empathy for these issues pays dividends. PISR has been at the forefront of innovation and embracing the move into digital operations. We believe that by working closely with both the ship owner and PSCO we can keep our fleet operating globally without delays and financial penalties.

“Some ship owners see PSC and the IMO in slightly negative ways: they regard them as regulatory policeman and often the cause of their financial and operational problems. At Palau we see these organizations as necessary to keep the shipping world moving and in line with global safety, environmental and political considerations. Our work as a ship registry is in support, guidance and development for the vessels in our fleet to comply with these regulations and ship owners see us a flag of confidence, a real partner in their daily operations. Ship owners need a shoulder to lean on because in this inter-related world of commerce conditions change and often quickly. At Palau we believe that smart operations will lead to smarter industry and one where support is readily available for ship owners and operators.”