PISR increases its yacht offerings

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) has now introduced a unique set of three different yacht registrations that offer owners a choice of different costs and options for chartering. Yacht owners have the choice of a one year, three year or five year registration that offer different costs and come without any annual fee.

Yachts are divided into pleasure yachts and commercial yachts and PISR has developed its own Yacht Safety Code for class offering the same standards of service and the same quality of operations to yacht owners, regardless of size, location or status. PISR is pleased to introduce a tailor made set of Yacht Registrations offering owner flexibility on commercial, pleasure use and fees for 1-3 or 5 year registration with no annual fees gives great flexibility to the owners.

PISR has developed a Yacht Safety Code for both pleasure and commercial yachts ranging from 10 – 150 m LOA providing quality, safety, status to owners irrespective of size

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of PISR, believes the new registrations offer owners and operators a comprehensive service tailored to the specific needs of yachts.

“Yacht owners have often felt they are neglected when it comes to registering their vessels. They often see a registry as being more interested in larger vessels and feel they are on the edge of the process. We believe they are as important as any of our fleet vessels and so we have developed unique services to reflect this. Registering a yacht with PISR will allow it to be used for charter for up to 90 days without any change to commercial status. This enables it to be used as a private vessel but also offers the owner opportunities to make use of the yacht during quiet periods. Our registrations cover yachts with a total of 12 passengers but the vessel can also be used for hosting a party onboard of up to 50 guests providing it remains at mooring. This flexibility is something our yacht owners have asked for and we are pleased to offer.”

Registering a yacht with PISR is a simple process with a guarantee of same day service; competitive fees and 24/7 service from PISR with the ability to switch registration from pleasure to commercial quickly and efficiently. There is no limitation on ownership status and PISR accepts companies from all other non-sanctioned jurisdictions. In registering even more yachts, Panos Kirnidis has created a registration that is sympathetic to the needs of owners and operators.

“We understand that sometimes registration can seem complex for some owners. We have simplified the process so we can offer owners an extension of provisional registration for an extra three months if the owner is not ready to proceed with a permanent registration. We have built a registry that operates in a strong digital environment but we have always maintained a core of highly qualified staff members who understand the needs of yacht owners. This personal touch is important to us at PISR and it means we can offer yacht owners a high quality of registration and technical services along with specialised lawyers and an on-call experienced technical department.”