MC 103.1 – Bulk Carriers – Guidelines On Early Assessment Of Hull Damage

MC 106.1 – Guidance For Company Security Officers On Preparing A Company And Crew For The Contingency Of A Hijacking By Pirates In High Risk Piracy Areas

MC 110.2 – Cyber Risk Management – Industry Guidelines – Alert To All Shipmanagers And Owners

MC 112.2 – Information About Cleansing Agents And Their Impact Upon Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment For Machinery Space Bilges

MC 113.2 – Guidelines For The Design Of Systems To Handle Oily Wastes In Machinery Spaces Of Ships, Incorporating Guidance Notes For An Integrated Bilge Water Treatment System (IBTS)

MC 115.1 – Incorporating By Reference Salvage And Marine Firefighting Requirments In Vessel Response Plans

MC 116.1 – Guidance on the Application of Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI Tier III Requirements to Dual Fuel and Gas-Fueled Engines

MC 120.1 – Guidelines For Undergoing A Port State Control Inspection

MC 123.1 – Inspection Of Fuel Oil Quick-Closing Valves

MC 124.1 – Guidelines On The Control Of Ships In An Emergency

MC 126.1 – Guidelines On The Safety Of Navigation, Ecdis, Navigation Chart Correction And Use, Speed Input To Arpa Equipped Radars, And Traffic Separation Lanes

MC 127.1 – Hydrographic Information: Cooperation With Hydrographic Services

MC 128.1 – Guidelines for Voyage Planning

MC 129.1 – Guidelines For The Recording Of Events Related To Navigation

MC 130.1 – Guidelines For The Prevention And Resolution Of Stowaways

MC 131.2 – Guidelines For Food Handling, Storage And Preparation

MC 133.1 – Hazardous Work And Consideration Of Health And Safety Issues For Seafarers Under The Age Of 18

MC 134.1 – Deficiency Prevention System (DPS)

MC 135.1 – Medical Care On Board Ship And Ashore: Medicine Chest, Recordkeeping And Responsibilities And Training For Medical Care

MC 137.2 – Provisions For Acceptance Of Insurance Companies Issuing Financial Security Certificates

MC 138.1 – Seafarer Recruitment And Placement Services Based In Non Maritime Labour Convention

MC 140.2 – Acceptance Of Medical Practitioners For Seafarers Medical Examination And Certificates

MC 141.2 – Principles Of Watchkeeping On Ships

MC 142.3 – Seafarers Identification And Record Book (SIRB)

MC 144.3 – Annual Safety Inspections

MC 145.3 – Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection And Reporting

MC 146.1 – Procedures For Transfer Of Class And Statutory Certification

MC 147.1 – Anti-Piracy Security Measurements To Be Taken In Urgent Basis In Gulf Of Oman And Adjacent Areas

MC 148.1 – Procedures And Requirements For P&I Insurance Approval

MC 149.2 – Registration Of Vessels Of 20 Years Of Age And More

MC 150.1 – Pleasure Yacht Safety Code

MC 151.1 – Ship Security Officer

MC 152.1 – Registration Of Vessels With Length Less Than 7.62 Meters (25 Feet)

MC 156.1 – Acceptance Of Ships Cooks Training Certificates Issued By A Training Facility Approved By This Administration (PISR)

MC 157.1 – Directory Of PISR Deputy Registrars And Flag State Inspectors In The PISR Website

MC 158.2 – ISM and ISPS Code Declarations

MC 159.1 – ISM/ISPS Auditors and MLC Inspectors’ Credentials

MC 160.1 – Plan Approval Services

MC 161.1 – License For Officer In Charge Of Navigational Watch On Ships Of Less Than 500 Gross Tonnage Including Commercial Yachts Of Less Than 200 Gross Tonnage

MC 162.1 – Third Party Organizations Assigned By PISR

MC 164.1 – 2010 Amended STCW Convention

MC 165.2 – Cyber Risk Management

MC 166.1 – Means To Ensure Compliance With International Rules And Regulations

MC 167.1 – Proof Of Sea Service Required For The Issue Or Revalidation Of A Certificate Of Competency By Palau International Ship Registry (PISR)

MC 168.1 – Services For Fishing Vessels And Vessels Related With Fishing Activities

MC 171.1 – License For Officer In Charge Of Navigational Watch On Ships Of Less Than 500 Gross Tonnage Including Tug Boats

MC 172.1 – List Of Certificates And Documents Required To Be Carried On Board Ships

MC 173.1 – Type Approved Equipment For The Palau Flag Vessels

MC 174.1 – Means To Ensure Compliance With The Code On Noise Level On Board Ships

MC 175.1 – Guidelines On The Qualifications Of DPA (Designated Person Ashore)

MC 176.1 – Interpretations Regarding Implementation Of International Statutory Requirements Which Contain References “To The Satisfaction Of The Administration” And “To Be Specified By The Administration

MC 177.1 – IMO Approved Fire Test Laboratories-Process For Recognition

MC 178.1 – SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-6, Access To And Within Spaces In And Forward Of The Cargo Area Of Tankers And Bulk Carriers And Application Of The Technical Provisions For Means Of Access For Inspections

MC 179.3 – Ship Implementation Plan For The Consistent Implementation Of The 0.50% Sulphur Limit Under MARPOL Annex VI

MC 183.1 – Amendments To The International Code For Fire Safety System (FSS Code)

MC 184.1 – IMO Circular In Regard To The Outbreak Of COVID 19

MC 185.1 – Special Measures Concerning The Issuing Of An Endorsement And Other Seafarers Maritime Documents

MC 186.2 – Process For Placing Armed Security Personnel On Board Palau Vessels

MC 187.1 – Handling The Validity Of Ship Certificates Due To COVID-19

MC 188.1 – Pleasure Private Yachts Of Less Than 500GT With Limited Charter Allowance

MC 189.2 – Inventory Of Hazardous Materials – Statement Of Compliance

MC 190.1 – Application Of Annex 14 Of The Code Of Safe Practice For Cargo Stowage And Securing (CSS Code)

MC 191.1 – Special Measures Concerning The Maximum Period Of Shipboard Service For Seafarers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

MC 192.1 – End Of Life Of ISAT M2M

MC 193.1 – Additional Information To Assist Palau Flag Marine Investigators During Ongoing Marine Accidents And Incidents Investigations

MC 194.1 – Licence For Yacht Master On Offshore Pleasure Yachts Of Less Than 200 Gross Tonnage

MC 195.1 – Exemption Of Unmanned Non-Self-Propelled (UNSP) Barges From Survey And Certification Requirements As Per Amendments To MARPOL ANNEXES I, IV AND V

MC 196.1 – MARPOL Designated Sampling Points

MC 197.1 – Joint concentrated inspection campaign on STCW – Paris & Tokyo MoU

MC 198.2 – Notification For Survey / Audit Attendance By Recognized Organizations

MC 199.1 – Extension Of Validity Of Ukranian Seafarers’ Documents Until 30.6.2023

MC 200.1 – Rebuilding Of Vessel And Change Of Certificate Of Registry

MC 201.1 – Joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign On Fire Safety Paris Tokyo MoU

MC 202.1 – Recognition of CoC issued by China Maritime Administration

MC 204.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Indonesia Maritime Administration

MC 205.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Vietnam Maritime Administration

MC 206.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Philippines Maritime Administration

MC 207.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Thailand Maritime Administration

MC 208.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Myanmar Maritime Administration

MC 209.1 – International Medical Guide For Seafarers And Fishermen

MC 210.1 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By The Russian Maritime Administration

MC 211.3 – Recognition Of CoC Issued By Other Maritime Administrations

MC 212.1 Security Advisory On Security In The Red Sea Gulf Of Aden Arabian Sea And Bab El Mandeb

Marine Circulars

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