MC 103.1 – Bulk Carriers – Guidelines On Early Assessment Of Hull Damage

MC 106.1 – Guidance For Company Security Officers On Preparing A Company And Crew For The Contingency Of A Hijacking By Pirates In High Risk Piracy Areas

MC 116.1 – Guidance on the Application of Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI Tier III Requirements to Dual Fuel and Gas-Fueled Engines

MC 124.1 – Guidelines On The Control Of Ships In An Emergency

MC 128.1 – Guidelines for Voyage Planning

MC 129.1 – Guidelines For The Recording Of Events Related To Navigation

MC 130.1 – Guidelines For The Prevention And Resolution Of Stowaways

MC 134.1 – Deficiency Prevention System (DPS)

MC 144.3 – Annual Safety Inspections

MC 145.3 – Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection And Reporting

MC 146.1 – Procedures For Transfer Of Class And Statutory Certification

MC 149.2 – Registration Of Vessels Of 20 Years Of Age And More

MC 151.1 – Ship Security Officer

MC 152.1 – Registration Of Vessels With Length Less Than 7.62 Meters (25 Feet)

MC 159.1 – ISM/ISPS Auditors and MLC Inspectors’ Credentials

MC 160.1 – Plan Approval Services

MC 174.1 – Means To Ensure Compliance With The Code On Noise Level On Board Ships

MC 176.1 – Interpretations Regarding Implementation Of International Statutory Requirements Which Contain References “To The Satisfaction Of The Administration” And “To Be Specified By The Administration

MC 183.1 – Amendments To The International Code For Fire Safety System (FSS Code)

MC 187.1 – Handling The Validity Of Ship Certificates Due To COVID-19

MC 189.2 – Inventory Of Hazardous Materials – Statement Of Compliance

MC 190.1 – Application Of Annex 14 Of The Code Of Safe Practice For Cargo Stowage And Securing (CSS Code)

MC 192.1 – End Of Life Of ISAT M2M

MC 198.2 – Notification For Survey / Audit Attendance By Recognized Organizations

MC 200.1 – Rebuilding Of Vessel And Change Of Certificate Of Registry

MC 201.1 – Joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign On Fire Safety Paris Tokyo MoU


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