SMART shipping is smart planning

The SMART revolution is still ongoing in the shipping world: it is a revolution that is based on determination, innovation, foresight and most importantly, on hard work. We have invested in the latest technology, developed our own unique systems and searched the maritime sector for the right people. In our view, smart shipping also means having the smart people around to provide an important human element to our services.  

The future of maritime shipping is in technology but PISR understands that any transition takes time; managing this change for ship owners and operators is really about having commitment and the faith in what your registry offers. We offer unique and tested services, technology and people to handle these because that’s what ship owners and operators rely on.

In 2017 we launched our unique Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) which is a dedicated service providing support to ensure vessel’s compliance with required international conventions and prevent deficiencies and detentions causing serious implications with PSC. We operate a dedicated department within PISR which monitors the previous inspections findings, location and destination of the Palau flagged vessels and analyses with over 93% confidence their risk performance and priority for inspection by a PSCO. These inspections naturally place the captain, the crew and the owners under great pressures. Considering that the scope of such inspections is to assure the vessel’s compliance with the required international conventions; we believe these pressures are counter-productive and as a registry that is heavily invested in digital operations, we have taken steps to ease these burdens.

Being able to respond to an owner’s request and provide information in real-time removes the concern and worry some ship owners find when it comes to complying with maritime regulations. With DPS we can monitor and screen operations without disturbing ship owners or managers until the moment we appoint a Flag State Inspector (FSI) to attend the ship and assist the master and the crew for preparedness prior the PSC attendance, and of course to assure vessel’s compliance with required regulations. This is how to support those involved in any inspection and we can also remain onboard during the PSC inspection. Now as new IMO regulations come into force ship owners see DPS and our other smart offerings as a service of value as it focusses on the operational aspects of vessel management.

DPS is raising awareness of deficiencies and detentions and has made a significant contribution to marine safety. Our work as a ship registry is in support, guidance and development for the vessels in our fleet to comply with these regulations. Ship owners need a shoulder to lean on because in this inter-related world of commerce conditions change and often quickly; at Palau we believe that smart operations will lead to smarter industry and we will be alongside our fleet in providing those services. There is no rowing back on technology: PISR was acknowledged in 2017 as the world’s fastest growing registry because we have embraced technology and made it work for our fleet.