ISO 9001:2015 |质量管理体系

PISR 长期致力于完善品质管理流程,希望在生命安全、财产安全和海洋环境保护方面更上一层楼。


PISR 已获得英国劳氏质量认证有限公司 (LRQA) 的批准验证,符合 ISO 9001:2015 标准。

It is the policy of Palau International Ship Registry to Provide services that meet or exceed the customer expectation with a quality which is continuously perfected through the documented quality management system of the company and establishment of measurable quality objectives. We promote continual improvement of our quality management process in the pursuit of high level of safety of life, property, and protection of the maritime environment. Our Quality Management System ensures the continual delivery of high levels of expertise and competence; integrity, impartiality and ethical practices and a commitment to become a premier world class Flag Registry. All our operations are conducted in accordance with relevant national and international maritime legislation, local regulations and industry best practices.