We all need to be SMARTer in 2019

The buzzword is still smart: smart technology, smart ways of working and smart shipping. The march of technology has not left the maritime world untouched but 2019 may well be the year we recognise SMART shipping as the only way forward. This is year is an important one for shipowners, managers and operators: new regulations continue to change the operating ecosystem in terms of protecting the environment with ballast water and low sulphur regulations from the IMO. But the truth is, in 2019 there is going to be an even greater emphasis on SMART shipping and smart operations. 

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) has been at the forefront of smart thinking and operations in the shipping world; this is just one of the reasons for it being labelled “the world’s fastest growing registry” in 2017. PISR has invested heavily in smart systems and just as important, in the people they recruit across the globe to ensure they remain PISR a world leader in SMART shipping. The key to this is information which determines smooth operations. As one of the fastest growing registries in the world, PISR is continuing to invest and develop smart technologies because when the world economy recovers, ship owners need to be prepared for this recovery and so do registries. Smart technologies will impact the way we offer ship owners and managers solutions to keep them at sea. As a ship registry we need to be able to offer technology that covers operations, maintenance and data collection. It’s now about accountability and data management.

Palau International Ship Registry introduced a new Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) at the end of 2016 through a dedicated department monitoring all Palau ships to reduce deficiency and casualty rates, part of the registry’s drive towards cementing its position as a smart flag. By fine tuning and continuous development PISR has embraced the digital age, even though some registries still seem to be the backfoot in this regard. Along with our unique DPS we also have our own web-based solution (Smart Electronic Flag) offering ship-owners the information they need to retrieve the key performance indicators for their fleets. It is another step into the smart technology environment we see as vital to any registry in the 21st century. We’ve moved on from paper and waiting times to digital information on demand. Performance needs to work towards efficiency and cost-effective operations need smart technology to drive them.

PISR has been expanding services in other ways and in keeping with our SMART concept we have developed our in-house operations to ensure we offer global coverage for our clients. With new services for yacht owners and operators along with our new certifications for seafarers, PISR is pushing on with developing services relevant and requested by ship owners. SMART technologies and smart shipping go hand in hand but we still retain that all important human element. When we talk to prospective clients they appreciate that we have the technology as well as the right people to support our services and their ships. In 2019 this will only develop even further.