MN 100.1 – Issuance Of Marine Notices By The Palau International Ship Registry

MN 101.1 – Requirements On Carriage Of Publications On Board Ships

MN 106.2 – Data Privacy Consent: Seafarers And Deputy Registrars

MN 107.1 – Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas

MN 108.1 – Use Of Electronic Certificates

MN 109.1 – International Maritime Convention And Other Instruments Adopted By The Republic Of Palau

MN 119.1 – Implementation Of IMO Unique Company Registered Owner And Ship Identification Number Scheme

MN 120.1 – International Safety Management Code

MN 122.1 – Plans For Cooperation Between Search And Rescue Services And Passenger Vessels

MN 124.2 – Automatic Identification System (AIS)

MN 126.1 – Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

MN 127.1 – Notice Of Intended Entry Into Port

MN 218.2 – Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

MN 220.2 – Maintenance And Inspection Of Fire Protection Systems And Appliances

MN 228.1 – International Ship And Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

MN 232.2 – Electronic Certificates Issued By Palau International Ship Registry