Palau has become the first country to update its immigration policy and landing procedures to implement such legislation, aimed at preserving its vibrant culture and the beauty of its natural environment for future generations. It also hopes that other countries will follow suit to protect the planet for children worldwide.
So when touriat arrive they will be asked to sign the Pledge to protect the Palau environment.


Palau has created a world-first conservation pledge, stamped in passports for visitors to sign a declaration to protect its environment and culture for the next generation. This compulsory promise is made directly to the children of Palau, to preserve this country, their home. On December 7, 2017, Palau became the first country to update its immigration policy and landing procedures to implement legislation with the goal of preserving Palau’s vibrant culture and the beauty of natural environment for future generations. Based on the Palauan tradition of BUL* and written with the help of Palau’s children, the Palau Pledge will be stamped and signed in the passports of every visitor.

The pioneering project draws attention to the ecological challenges related to tourism, with the future of the Palauan children in mind. It further seeks to change the damaging impact of human activity on the local ecosystem, especially as the number of visitors to the island continues to rise. Palau has a long history of world-firsts in conservation. It was the first country to create a shark sanctuary in its national waters, the first to ban the destructive practice of bottom trawling, and in 2015, Palau’s leadership created the Palau National Marine Sanctuary: the largest fully-protected, no-take zone in the world. And all of Palau hopes that other countries will follow suit to protect this planet for the children worldwide.

Upon Arrival, All Visitors Must Sign the Palau Pledge, which is stamped into their passports.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Palau Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee (PPEF)

In accordance with RPPL No. 10-16, effective January 1, 2018, the PPEF of One Hundred Dollars ($100 USD) shall be included in the price of every international airline ticket into the Republic of Palau. The ticketing airline shall be responsible for collecting the PPEF.

In the event the PPEF was not included in a ticket issued on or after January 1, 2018, it shall remain the responsibility of the airline to transmit the appropriate fee per arriving passenger to the National Treasury. For any tickets sold prior to January 1, 2018, with the passenger arriving and/or departing after January 1st, the BCBP shall continue to collect and charge the same fees totalling Fifty Dollars ($50 USD) upon departure for any airline passenger who arrived in the Republic of Palau prior to the PPEF implementation date and is departing on a ticket purchased before January 1, 2018. The amount collected upon departure in this situation shall be a Thirty Dollar ($30 USD) “Green Fee” and Twenty Dollar ($20 US) departure tax for a total of Fifty Dollars ($50 USD) for every non-Palauan passport holder. Such passenger must provide a copy of their ticket and any other supporting documentation as required.

You will need your passport and boarding pass, along with a ticket, e-ticket receipt or a printed e-ticket confirmation. Please make sure you have all these documents with you.

Palau expresses its deepest thanks for your support through the PPEF. The PPEF will help provide the financial and moral support necessary to continue our mission of protecting Palau’s natural environment for future generations. With your help, we will continue to hold true to our reputation as one of the most beautiful places and best diving destinations in the world.